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My new health regime seems to be working…..

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Floyd gets a little tongue-tied on the show this morning….

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The UARB invoked the Interrupter Clause last night to give us a bit of a break at the gas pumps.  This is what I imagined the Interrupter Clause to be.

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Today’s Ask Floyd was extra saucy.  Sex novice Brian wanted to know why certain parts weren’t quite fitting together.  NSFW

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Don’t call us and then put US on hold….

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Today’s Ask Floyd question was sent in by a guy who isn’t comfortable with the idea of his girlfriend using toys in the bedroom.  After Ask Floyd, we got a call from long-time listener Big Bob which we couldn’t play on the air.  The unedited, NSFW call is here for your listening displeasure.

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So I said something this morning that completely grossed Floyd out….that’s the first part of this……a little bit later on Floyd, not to be outdone, said…well….listen for yourself in the second part…….oh boy.

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Ghostly Encounter at work…..

Having trouble controlling the kids or the pets?????   We’ve all been there, but now there’s a solution!

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We played Stump the Dummies this morning….and all you have to do is ask Floyd & I question…..any question you want…..but Cole couldn’t pull it off…